This verse might be the greatest statement of grace in all the Old Testament. It might also be the most humbling and neglected in modern NT theology. While the gospel from Jesus’s birth to rebirth, from ascending out of the water, and existing the tomb, to reentering heaven, accomplishes for me what I need in salvation; all this was not done mainly for me. Jesus came for me, but I was not His main goal.
If forgiveness is not solely or even mainly about me, that changes everything.
1. It changes how I view my forgiveness.
2. It changes one reason why I forgive others.
3. It changes what my whole experience as a servant becomes.
4. It changes how I can’t compare myself to others.
5. It changes the question from “What am I getting out of this?” to “Who am I doing this for?”
And more! Ask yourself how this one verse needs to be emphasized more in your own personal theology. Wondering what verse it is? It isn’t John 3:16. Ready?
Isaiah 43:25 – “I–I sweep away your transgressions FOR MY OWN SAKE and remember your sins no more.”
God forgives me mainly for Himself! —–
Jesus came mainly to glorify His Father! I exist mainly for God’s glory to shine! Can you see how this needs to be more greatly emphasized?